Barra Conversion Wiring Harness Modifications and ECU Flashing

The Hooton's Harness loom modification service allows you to wire the Barra loom into any car. The loom modifications are custom made with the removal of unnecessary wiring, extensions on the required wiring with labels and ECU flashing to make the conversion work.

The Barra ECU and Falcon/Territory Barra body loom is required to be sent to us for modifications. The engine loom is not modified in a conversion and we DO NOT need it for the modification service.

The body loom provides power to the ECU and sends signals to and from all the body accessories. (eg. Electric pedal, OBD II port, fuel pump trigger, ignition, starter motor etc..)

The Falcon/Territory Barra body loom starts at the B-plug on the ECU (middle plug - please note the image below). It then runs under (and to) the ABS module into the passenger guard. Once in the guard, the loom splits off into two, one way travels into the cabin and the other towards the front of the car.

It is best to cut the loom just after the branch as the length is needed for modifications. (please not the image below of the required length after the branch)

Any shorter looms will either incur extra charges or be denied and a longer length body loom will need to be provided.

If you do not have a body loom, we are able to provide an unmodified body loom for $249



Once the body loom modification is completed, all you need to do is run the cables to where you need them and fit off the cable ends to your plugs and accessories using the spreadsheet provided.

The spreadsheet is not vehicle specific. You will be required to source the input and output wires from the vehicle to match the spreadsheet (eg. ignition switch, fuel pump, etc..)

Pricing from -

- Basic Loom with no fusebox (you will be required to wire your own fuses and relays) - $800
(This also includes automatic transmissions that are manualised and will not be controlled by the Barra ECU)

- Fuse Box Loom to suit manual conversion - $1350
(This also includes automatic transmissions that are manualised and will not be controlled by the Barra ECU) 

- Fuse Box Loom to suit BTR 4 speed conversion - $1350

- Fuse Box Loom to suit ZF6 6 speed transmission - $1625

- E and A series Falcon patch loom - $950
(We will also require the E/A series original engine and transmission loom for this serivce)

Please note that the lead time for loom modications is around 6-10 weeks depending on demand and can vary.

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a price and lead time.

Some questions are related to emissions control and is best to consult your engineer before answering these questions.
We at hold no responsibility for these decisons.