HYPERTUNE HypEx Barra V-Band High Mount Exhaust Manifold

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HYPERTUNE HypEx Barra V-Band High Mount Exhaust Manifold

Not all turbo manifolds are created equal…

In 2012, Hypertune decided to create a range of exhaust manifolds truly engineered to the meet the high standard our customers expect and to cope with the toughest punishment that is dished out by race cars the world over.

  • The HypEx SS347 range of stainless exhaust manifolds  first had to address the inherent issues of welded tubular manifolds to create what we consider to be the new industry standard.

  • HypEx manifolds are made from 347 stainless steel which is much more heat resistant than 305 or 316.
  • One-piece collectors that provide a perfect and repeatable design, eliminate incorrect joins and provide excellent wastegate merges.
  • Specifically designed flanges that incorporate a transition from the port of the engine to the exact size of the runner.
  • HypEx manifolds use our proprietary cast bends which feature a 44.45mm outside diameter as well as 3 different bend radiuses.
  • Exactly the same – every time. No joins means no cracks. Wastegate merges feature smooth entries.