Fabricators Warehouse DIY Log Manifold - Mild Steel

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The Fabricators Warehouse DIY Log Manifold - Mild Steel 


Carbon/mild steel steampipe flange, elbows and straight pipe - All pieces needed to fab up your own manifold.

  • Disclaimer - While this kit will give you all the necessary material to build a manifold, you will still need a welder, grinder, die grinder etc and fabrication skills. Even with the pre-notched options, they will not click together like lego. 
  • The real advantage of this manifold is that it can be flipped upside down and be either top-mounted, mid-mounted (would look perfect for a rat rod or hotrod) and bottom-mounted (in this case facing backwards, as it may on a boat application).
  • This gives great flexibility depending on the space constraints of the vehicle you intend to use. Has sufficient clearance for a GTX42 if needed.
  • Keep in mind, a DIY kit can be infinitely angled and adjusted however you want (depending on how you fabricate the manifold) so it can be tailored to your application.
  • Pre-notching is available

Included in the pre-notched option

  • 2 x elbows notched for cylinders 2 and 5
  • 2 x straight pipe notched on an angle for cylinders 3 and 4

Lead times are usually 2 weeks