Barra Motor Info

BA Barra / Barra 182 

This engine is found in the 6-cylinder variants of the Ford BA Falcon, Fairmont, Fairlane and was produced between late 2002 and mid 2005. This was the first Falcon engine that came standard with DOHC and VCT

The BA Barra / Barra 182 has a front sump configuration.

Factory Engine Specs

  • Power: 182 kW (244 hp) @ 5000 rpm
  • Torque: 380 N⋅m (280 lb⋅ft) @ 3250 rpm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.7:1

    BF Barra / Barra 190

    This engine is found in the Ford BF Falcon and was produced between late 2005 and early 2008. It is aesthetically the same and mechanically very similar to the BA/182 Barra.  Changes from BA/182 Barra include an increase in compression ratio, a slight revision of the cam profiles, a revision of the air intake system, the introduction of dual independent VCT and upgraded ECU, which allowed for more sophisticated ignition timing and spark control. These changes lead to a slight increase in power to 190 kW.

    The BF Barra / Barra 190 has a front sump configuration.

    Factory Engine Specs

    • Power: 190 kW (255 hp) @ 5250 rpm
    • Torque: 383 N⋅m (282 lb⋅ft) @ 2500 rpm
    • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1


      FG Barra / Barra 195

      The Barra 195 is the last version of the naturally aspirated I6 engine and is found in the Ford FG / FG-X Falcon. Changes from its predecessor include a new plastic inlet manifold & throttle body and a redesigned cylinder head with 'Fast Burn' swirl changes to the inlet port. These changes achieved power and economy improvements over the BF Barra / Barra 190. The engine also moved to a rear sump design to suit the new FG Falcon front sub-frame. 

      Factory Engine Specs

      • Power: 195 kW (261 hp) @ 6000 rpm
      • Torque: 391 N⋅m (288 lb⋅ft) @ 3250 rpm
      • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1