CANBarra CAN Translator Module (V2)

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CANBarra CAN Translator Module (V2)

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This is the CANBarra CAN Translator Module

This is the one you want to run your Original Cluster from your Barra
For Example: Nissan Patrol Clusters, Ford X Series, E Series and AU series clusters, BMW Non-CAN Clusters etc.

Used to run traditional instrumentation in your vehicle from the Barra PCM.    Supporting BA, BF, FG, and FG Mk2 PCM’s, the module provides a number of Inputs, Outputs and Special Features for your conversion :


  • Tach Output – Programmable from 2-12 cylinder to suit your Application
  • Tach Correction – to fix those minor errors from the Factory
  • Vehicle Speed – programmable to suit most OEM Speedometers
  • Check Engine Lamp Output
  • Engine Over Temperature Lamp Output
  • Oil Pressure Lamp Output (BF Onwards)
  • Alternator Lamp Output (FG Onward)


  • AC input – to allow use of the Barra PCM’s AC Strategy
  • Hall type VSS Input – to allow Speed Input from a suitable square wave DC input

Other Features:

  • BF ZF Speed Input without additional Sensors – The module can Generate a VSS Signal for BF ZF Conversions saving you time and money
  • Gear Position and Box Temperature Indicator Add-On for ZF Automatics – capable of showing all gears including manual mode
  • Gear Position Indicator Add-On for BTR Automatics – capable of showing all gears including manual mode
  • DOL Add-on for EF, EL, XH and AU series Vehicles, Enabling the Factory Cluster to show Engine Temperature and Enabling the use of both Climate Control and AC with the Barra PCM

** Special notes

  • Any AC Support using a Barra PCM requires that you have the ACPT (AC Pressure Transducer) Sensor connected and working in your AC System
  • If you have an EF, EL, XH, or AU Cluster consider the DOL Driver Add-on which will give you additional features such as working Temperature Gauge, and Climate Control in the High Series, Gear Display (where available).

If you have any questions please contact us HERE

Weight 0.4 kg
PCM Type

Duramax, GM LS2 onward, BA, BF, FG, FG2/X

Tach Output (Cyls)

4, 6, 8, GU Diesel, Toyota 1Hz

AC Configuration

0V, 12V

R2 Gear Display

BTR Display Gear only, No Gear Display, ZF Display Gear and Box Temp


No DOL Support, DOL Support