Demon Pro Parts Air Box Lid To Suit Ford FG Falcon

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Demon Pro Parts Air Box Lid To Suit Ford FG Falcon


The Demon Pro Parts air box is a great modification to add to your FG Falcon. These airboxes allow for cold air to be drawn through the headlight area and straight into your filter.
Made from lightweight alloy and anodized black for a clean look!

The airbox lid can fit up to a 4.5inch intake pipe, we have purposely done this as a lot of our customers have custom turbocharger setups and want to use their own style of piping.

For the customers retaining the original FG Falcon low mount setup, all you will need to do is set up a 4inch 45 degree pipe and Air filter,  we have left out the intake pipe purposely as there are so many different intercooler kits on the market that can obstruct our own pipework. 

Note: Mounting holes are pre-drilled, You will just need to set the lid in its place and use the self drilling screws to secure it, Ideally you can use rivnuts if you have access to them.