Process West Stage 3.4 Performance Package BA/BF

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Process West Stage 3.4 Performance Package BA/BF


The Process West Stage 3 Front Mount Intercooler Core for the Ford BA/BF Falcon includes a 500 x 425 x 100mm bar & plate core, which is the largest and most efficient intercooler for the BA/BF Falcon on the market today. This allows for smooth flow and effective cooling of the charge air entering the engine.


The Process West Plenum of the BA/BF Falcon is CNC Machined to precision from solid billets of 5083 aluminium plate. Billet aluminium is super strong and holds enormous amounts of pressure, nothing but the best for Process West. To promote perfect air flow into the cylinder head each runner entry has a blended bell-mouth. The plenum is supplied with a plug-in throttle body extension wiring loom to allow for installation with no wire cutting, as well as the option for custom cover plates.


The Process West battery relocation kit has been developed to move the existing battery from the factory position to give clearance for large air box installations.

Our unique system re-locates the existing battery, mounting it behind the factory foglight area on the drivers side of the car. The reason this position was chosen was to keep the battery cables as short as possible, as long cables cause high voltage drop and poor starting performance.

The installation of the system is very simple and does not require cutting of any cables. You simply install the new laser cut battery tray and bracket, and mount the new plastic battery terminal distribution block (high density P7000) then connect the cables.

The method of extending the battery cables means no cutting and still gives easy access for jump starting/charging if needed.


Our 4 inch race air box system has been designed for extreme power levels. Utilising the area normally occupied by the battery we have been able to design the ultimate high horse power intake.

The air box uses a massive 6 inch internal diameter K&N filter which mounts onto a 6 inch to 4 inch bell mouth which connects to a internally wire re-enforced moulded silicon hose down to the turbo. This combination gives maximum flow for power levels of 500rwkW+.

The air box can also be used for high mount turbo configurations. The 4 inch OD air box outlet is at the approximate height of most high mount turbo compressor inlets so a simple section of pipe is all that is needed to use the air box for high mounts.

For those that have upgraded their turbo to a 4 inch inlet (0.7A/R cover) we offer a 4 inch to 4 inch silicon hose.


  • Stage 3 Intercooler
  • Plenum Chamber
  • 4" Race Air Box
  • Battery Relocation Kit
  • Available in Raw or Black Finish Intercooler Core