Raceworks 52mm Gauges

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SKU: VPR-300

Raceworks 52mm Gauges


  • 52mm / 2 Inch diameter.
  • 10 colour LED.
  • 270 degrees Full Sweep.
  • Programmable Warning.
  • Peak Function.
  • Adjustable Brightness.
  • Adjustable Dimmer.
  • Compact Digital Sensors, resulting in no hoses or pressure lines being run into the cabin.
  • Electronic Stepper Motor for the Ultimate Accuracy, complete with Opening Ceremony.
  • Daisy Chain Wiring, meaning Power, Ground and Illumination only needs to be wired to a single gauge in a series. Each gauge then uses a daisy chain harness, and only requires a signal input.
  • All settings are stored in memory, without any power.
  • Required sensors included.
  • All functions are accessed by a single button on the face
  • 2-year Warranty.
  • For 12V Applications only.

Gauges Available 

  • Boost/Vac (imperial 
  • Boost/Vac (metric)
  • Exhaust Gas Temp
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temp 
  • Voltmeter
  • Water Temp
  • Fuel Level (programmable)
  • Transmission Temp
  • Deisel Boost
  • Fuel Pressure (EFI) 
  • Fuel Pressure (Carburetted)

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