Raceworks 67 Degree Silicone Elbow

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SKU: SHE-067-200BE

Raceworks 67 Degree Elbow


All Raceworks hoses feature solid 5mm walls constructed from 4-ply reinforced silicone polyester.

All sizes are noted below, please select the correct size from the drop down menu. 

Dia. Imp. Dia. Metric

Lth mm Min. Burst Pres. Centre Line Radius
2.00” 51mm

125×125mm 218 PSI 50.5mm
2.25” 57mm

125×125mm 174 PSI 53.5mm
2.50” 63mm

125x125mm 174 PSI 56.5mm
2.75” 70mm

125x125mm 174 PSI 60mm
3.00” 76mm

125x125mm 174 PSI 63mm
3.25” 82mm

125x125mm 174 PSI 66mm
3.50” 89mm

125x125mm 145 PSI 69.5mm
3.75” 95mm

125x125mm 145 PSI 72.5mm
4.00” 102mm

125x125mm 145 PSI 76mm