Venom Exhaust Works 4" Turbo Back To Twin 2.5"

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Venom Exhaust Works 4" Turbo Back To Twin 2.5" 

Please choose the correct model, body and material in the drop-down menus before ordering.

Perfect for those chasing over 350rwkw and running upgraded Turbos (GTX, GTW, Precision etc) 

Venom exhaust works 4" Dump retains its diameter to the end flange and then connects to the Venom High Flow Cat Section which has a 4" Inlet and 3.5" Outlet.

The High Flow cat section utilises Venoms largest 5" Diameter 500 Series 100CPSI Stainless Metal Core Substrate. The substrate, as well as being welded to the casing, it is also welded along the inner edges for extra strength, helping to prevent the substrate from shifting under extreme heat. 

From the cat it flows into a Twin 2.5" System, the reason for the twin-pipe design is to ensure fitment and ground clearance remain as close to factory specs as possible, albeit with an increase in pipe size to Twin 2.5" from the standard Twin 2.25".

The larger diameter pipework promotes less backpressure and will be able to support larger power levels more efficiently. 

The venom exhaust kit is a full bolt-in system for your falcon.